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Background Check Services

PROFESSIONAL VERIFICATION:-Last designation held, Place of posting, Tenure of service, Performance, Reporting hierarchy, Integrity & Honesty, Any disciplinary issues, Last Salary drawn, Any issues during the tenure, Release verification, Eligibility to re-hire.

REFERENCE CHECK:-Tenure of acquaintance with the candidate, Performance, Behaviour, Integrity & Honesty, Communications, Personality, Leadership skills, Eligibility of hiring.

RESEDENTIAL ADDRESS VERIFICATION:-Address authentication, Family member authentication, Tenure of residence, Type of residence.

EDUCATIONAL VERIFICATION:-Authenticity of the course, Course duration, Year of passing, Marks/ Grade obtained, Certificate authenticity.

CRIMINAL RECORD CHECK:-Authenticity of the candidate’s presence in the residing address, Criminal history under the police station’s jurisdiction.

IDENTITY CHECK:-Authenticity of the candidate’s Nationality, Authentication of the candidate’s real Identity.

CIBIL REPORT PROCESSING:-Credit history, Any negative feedback.

DRIVING LICENSE VERIFICATION:-Authenticity of the driving license from RT Office, Authenticity of the year of issuance of driving license, Date of expiry/ renewal.